When you become older, you look for meaningfulness; you only want the best. Step into the world of premier in-home health care and experience services with endless possibilities for enhanced quality of life right in your home. Vitae Care—we care about you.

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January 2018

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Let’s start the New Year with intention and capture the inspiration. This will be a good year to get natural and put yourself first, whether you are looking for the fountain of youth or for strategies to get the energy and strength needed to maintain a healthy body and mind.

During the holiday season, we conducted an Advent calendar sweepstakes. Many followers enjoyed the fun of our Advent calendar, which invited them to open a window each day for the countdown to Christmas. We offered the chance to win a gift card each day. We have informed all the lucky winners and will distribute the prizes in the next few weeks. Thank you for your engagement and continued trust in Vitae Care.

We at Vitae Care are dedicating this month to the brain, the organ that helps us understand the importance of our well-being and taking steps toward building healthy habits. Preventing illness and maintaining physical and mental health can be accomplished by using brain activity and mind power. During January, we will provide our followers with the latest information about ways to train and retain a healthy brain based on recent research and knowledge.

Please stay tuned for more news. Thank you for your continued interest in Vitae Care.

We wish you a fabulous start to 2018, and hope you stay happy and healthy.



Home Safety for Elderly Matters

Senior citizens prefer to age at home and want to keep their independence. Family and relatives are looking for their peace of mind and need the elderly parent safe and sound in their home. An important fact is, to make sure, that all potential dangers present in the home of a senior are eliminated to prevent falls and accidents. It is essential to shape the home environment senior-focused and create home safety for elderly.

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Brain Exercises for Elderly—Active Mind and Lower Risk of Dementia


Why do people exercise? Fundamentally, physical activity simply makes us feel good. Regular exercise is recommended for better heart health, body health, and overall well-being. The same is true for the brain: the more activity, the better one’s condition is. Certain supplements may support brain health; for example, a recent study by the Mayo Clinic looked into the impact on dementia of maintaining healthy vitamin D levels.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandhi, 1869–1948


Vitae Care’s Movement—Listening to The Voice and Opinion of the Elderly


The Latin vitae means the course of one’s life. The Vitae Care movement wants to give older adults solutions so they may enjoy the quality of life while retaining their dignity and independence regardless of where they live.
Aging is affecting everyone, it’s a part of our life, that deserves our full respect and acknowledgment. 



Learning new things keeps brain fitness and flexibility; in a sense, it is a way to build brain “muscle.” Ultimately, brain exercises for elderly hold promises for people seeking to maintain their brain health.

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