Because some senior citizens are no longer capable of driving, public transportation options are few - mobility in everyday life is being affected

Growing older often means limited freedom and mobility

Most senior citizens are trying to maintain their independence by continuing to drive, not recognizing that their capabilities have changed and that, as a result, may put themselves and others in danger. They may be reluctant to admit it, but declining vision, restricted physical mobility, and even doctors’ orders are undeniable facts that may necessitate putting a stop to driving. But how will they get out of the house to pursue their usual activities?

The high demand for senior transportation services

It is a challenging undertaking to find the right, trustworthy transportation resources. Elder Locator has published a data report stating that “the greatest interest or demand of support is for {senior transportation services} for the elderly, followed by home and community-based services”. Senior citizens who no longer drive engage in fewer activities and have fewer social contacts; they need to find support as a replacement for driving their own car.

Vitae Care is prepared to step in by offering a wide variety of care services for enhanced mobility and transportation

With the help of skilled, trusted, and caring companions, most seniors can once again engage in their favorite activities. Our caregivers will patiently drive seniors so they can grocery shop, run errands, visit the library, attend church services, (*)visit the hairdresser, and enjoy many similar activities. Our caring companions also accompany senior citizens to medical appointments, non-urgent routine checks, dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation, or any other type of therapy.

Additionally, our services enable seniors to have social contacts again, including outings with friends, lunch appointments, or rounds of bridge. Such mobility is vital in maintaining a high quality of life. Vitae Care will listen carefully and tailor their services to the senior’s specific needs to enhance each individual’s well-being.

The real advantages of home agency services

The greatness of these services is obvious and will bring a welcome change to seniors’ everyday routines by nourishing their curiosity. Our services will provide a significant new gateway to the world. Seniors may wonder, “Are there any changes in my neighborhood or hometown? Is there a new bakery in town? What might the doctor say to me? Will he notice that I am in good shape and spirits and pay me a compliment?” Transportation services will reduce isolation, loneliness, and depression while they speed up recovery, create new memories, and generate energy and positive attitudes.

Vitae Care will provide a dedicated caring companion with a valid driver’s license who will deliver enhanced value and flexibility to serve seniors who will enjoy having contacts and activities outside their homes. It’s a splendid service that engages them.