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Spirits are high and it’s time to start new things, an enjoyable season. In-home care services embrace these vibrations and help with all your endeavors.

Beautiful blossoming of flowers and trees

Who doesn’t know how spring feels? Everyone loves the season of new beginnings, with the awakening of nature and how lovely it is. Finally, spring has sprung. Temperatures are warming up, a light breeze is in the air, and the smell of the first flowers is everywhere. Birds are shimmering and butterflies are floating; how wonderful, take a deep breath and feel bright and light: life is beautiful. (*)Especially for the elderly who enjoy {senior companion care}, it is a gorgeous feeling to go outside with no winter coat. Feel the warmth of the sun on the face, and discover the first flowers coming out of the soil. It’s the season for embracing activities, and eventually, getting a whole new start.

You might fall in love, or decide to lose the weight on your hips that somehow piled up during winter, or just enjoy the lighthearted feeling of ease. You see people riding a bicycle, skating on rollerblades, or out for a stroll; it’s the call to get out of the house almost like newly discovering the world. Spirits are high, and people are all smiles. Eventually, you are wearing a brand-new outfit, and you feel gorgeous and free. With an official start date of March 20, every year spring creates a wonderful momentum that lifts spirits and inspiration for the year to come.

Getting winter behind you gets more important when you are elderly

Why is this such an important moment for many elderly or sick people? Why do they long for spring? Because of the cold season, the elderly and sick are mostly forced to stay in the comfort of their homes. They are stuck and lose temporary mobility and independence. It is not just because of the chilly temperatures outside; seniors do not want to fall on ice or snow and end up in the emergency room with a broken leg.

Forced to stay home, social contacts weaken. What remains is the telephone or other media to connect with people and, of course, senior companion care. Winter is the season to hide away in a cozy home and not come out until spring has finally arrived; it also makes senior citizens more vulnerable with the advent of the flu.

Spring has sprung

Senior citizens long for spring. They might sigh and say after all, “Just survived another winter.” The more enjoyable season, spring brings many new opportunities, and it is simply easier to leave the house. The benefit of Vitae Care companions is, they will transport you to the hairdresser for a long-needed haircut, help you decorate your yard with a few spring flowers, support you to clean the closet and bring out lighter clothes or follow you on a short walk in the neighborhood.

Even nutrition is changing, as seasonal vegetables and fruits bring back wonderful colors and greenery to plates. When spirits are high, it’s time to start new things, be happy and let Vitae Care give you the support you need.