Maintaining a safe home is substantial, it will prevent and reduce the chance of falls and injuries.

Why is safety in the home of a senior citizen so important?

We all need a safe home, but preventing injury for the elderly is crucial. If a young person is tripping or falling, they may get a small bruise. But if a senior is falling, it is more likely to lead to serious injury. Because of weaker muscles, brittle bones, and less balance, a fall might cause a senior to suffer a broken bone. It could change things instantaneously and might cause the older adult lose independence or mobility plus to be unable to return home eventually.

Senior caring services can give good advice and guidance. Improving the safety of a home, therefore, is important and will enable elderly adults to stay independent in their homes for as long as possible.

Assess your elderly parent needs inside the home

You should take an honest look at your parents’ house to see what, if any, changes are necessary. The chances are high there are at least a few things you could do to improve home safety. Some changes will be evident, such as cords or rippled carpet on the floor, or no railings at the stairwell or overload of furniture.

Others, however, may not be obvious. For example, are there convenient light switches throughout the home? Is the bathroom safe enough? Is the kitchen floor slippery when wet? Another excellent and helpful addition is to have all emergency and family numbers on speed dial. To make a thorough assessment of the home, you may use this free checklist from [senior caring services].

Hiring in-home care services can enhance safety

The truth is, you can make all sorts of changes to the home by yourself. But if you ask our professionally-trained experts, you can be sure that all the right home modifications will take place. Therefore, we recommend working with Vita Care, an agency that provides premier home care services. They have the skills, training, and experienced eye to immediately see what needs to be done to improve an elderly individual’s home.

Vitae Care can make safe adjustments to the home without disrupting the daily life so that seniors are more accepting of household changes. Please feel free and contact Vitae Care today to learn more about our services, including home care assistance.