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In-home health-care services are ensuring continued high-quality care for your loved ones. Professional caregivers enable family caregivers to take breaks from the challenges of caregiving.

Relief for family caregivers has a name: Respite services

Providing care for an elderly parent or a family member recovering from surgery is labor thousands of individuals perform every day. These caregivers are balancing care responsibilities with their jobs, families, households, and much more. By delivering the best care, they allow loved ones in need of assistance to live independently in their homes.

It is a humble and brave act to care for elderly, disabled relatives, or others requiring care. Caregiving affects the health of more than just the loved one requiring care; the caregiver’s life can be affected because caregiving leaves almost no time left for caregivers to tend to their own well-being. Exhaustion, burnout, fatigue, and depression can create new problems as the care recipient continues to need assistance. {Respite services} can ease these problems.

Caring companions relieve family caregivers

This is the moment when respite care comes in. Professional, caring service providers will make the first assessment, come to the care recipient’s home to get to know the environment, learn the family routines, and note medications and whatever else is needed. Services are tailored and come in different packages of care, offering differing hours of support, whether long-term or short-term. You can allow your loved ones to increase or maintain their independence even when you cannot be there. Continuity, a structured environment, and care with dignity and respect are our goals.

Respite care can be beneficial to both care recipients and caregivers

The care recipient has a new companion and can build a relationship with another person who offers different types of interactions. Caregivers should ask themselves, ‘‘What would make me happy right now?’’ Is it to take a break, get some rest, take care of other personal matters, or just go for a walk? The caregiver will have some precious time to reload and find new energy and perspective. In-home health care provides valuable services for elderly or disabled individuals who need some day-to-day supportive services but still want social stimulation, engagement, and the opportunity to take part in activities.

The six respite care services of Vitae Care offer resources for:

  • Older adults and senior citizens
  • Individuals with chronical illness or disease
  • People recovering from surgery or other hospital treatments
  • Women with difficult pregnancy
  • Mothers with newborn
  • Community of the disabled

A day has twenty-four hours, but sometimes it is not enough to accomplish everything daily caregiving requires. Hiring in-home health services may ease some of the burdens of providing care. Whether temporary, full-time, or part-time, a caring companion provides respectful, perceptive care. Vitae Care – we are there when you cannot be, discover our services and engage with us.