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With summer approaching, in-home care services can step in to bridge a temporary gap for family caregivers who are looking for support and replacement.

Time is precious. Why do family caregivers need respite care?

Today, caring for a family member or loved one is common. Thousands in our state are providing care for family in one way or another, and the number is rising. Our elderly community is growing every day. Some family caregivers aim to give back what they received when they were younger. Others give care because they can save money. Whole families are willing to carry the additional burden of care and are making things work.

Often it is a huge balancing act to accommodate a job, household, family activities, health management, and caregiving. Because they care about their family members and with their willingness to succeed, they do a tremendous job at the cost of their own energy. In-home care service is vital so caregivers can care for their own well-being. Time is precious.

Caring companions adopt care and fill in for you

Family caregiving should not be underestimated. It is a challenging job, and if you are in it for the long-haul, you need to maintain your own resources. Sometimes a break can be more than deserved. But who can you ask to step in and take over? Should you ask your friend or a neighbor for support, or is this too much to ask?

How can you possibly handle a family vacation, holidays, or just a needed break? What do you do in an emergency when a family caregiver drops out because of an accident or another cause? It is a good idea for family caregivers to prepare ahead of time and have a plan.

Caring companions allow family caregivers to have a break

This is where {respite care}, an in-home care service, can step in. An experienced client liaison will carefully assess the situation and the care that is needed. Professional caring services are tailored and come in different packages and hours of support. Furthermore, the agency will be able to support you with advice about potentially finding insurance or another institution that will pay for the cost of in-home care.

An essential part of the job of an in-home care agency is to assist families who have no one available and are in need of in-home care services for their maturing adults. Vitae Care will be able to step in to bridge the gap and take over with the experience, skills, and care you deserve.