Palliative and hospice care are similar yet distinct. Understanding the differences can help in making the right choice for the quality of life and comfort of a patient.

Palliative care, an approach that prevents and relieves suffering

A palliative treatment involves a combination of support and therapy and aims to ease symptoms; it is an option when a loved one is seriously ill and searching for a cure or treatment that works. Specialists work with a patient’s caregivers and doctors to identify issues (*)efficiently and maintain care without severely disrupting the patient’s comfort or well-being. {Palliative care} is most effective when considered early to meet the goal of improving quality of life, including physical, psychosocial, and spiritual health.

Palliative care, however, has no specific time designation; it is for people who are sick, no matter their life expectancy and goes along with curative treatment regardless of prognosis. Caregivers usually administer palliative services in a hospital, care facility, or nursing home; however; they can also deliver these services in the home.

Hospice care, a similar approach without curative treatment

People who are familiar with these services often associate them with sadness and loss. If someone has a severe illness that cannot be cured and has stopped treatment, or has chosen not to undergo a specific therapy, hospice comes in. In this state, doctors believe that the patient’s life expectancy is six months or less. As in a palliative treatment, the primary goal is comfort and well-being.

Hospice care usually forgoes aggressive disease treatment, such as chemotherapy for cancer patients. By avoiding medications that may lower quality of life, people in hospice can focus on getting the most out of the time they have left. Hospice care often allows elderly people and their families to concentrate on the practical and deeply emotional issues that come with a terminal disease. When patients undergo fewer treatments, they usually can receive hospice care in the comfort of their homes.

Working to provide greater comfort, life quality, and peace of mind

At Vitae Care, we are dedicated to providing the most outstanding in-home health care services possible. From delivering care to patients enrolled in hospice programs to working with palliative specialists, we understand the need for high-quality care to improve the comfort and happiness of all patients. We offer many different services for hospice and palliative patients, from basic yet essential companionship to in-home care, giving friends and family greater peace of mind.

We’ll do our part to make the lives of those in our care more enjoyable and less stressful. Our services help people stay in their homes longer, regardless of their disease or diagnosis. We believe home is the best place for people of all ages, and we’ll do whatever we can to help the elderly reach this goal.