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A recent study indicates that many seniors are embracing the use of technologies, whereas others are still holding back. Age and income, plus education, are the main drivers of this trendy topic

The use of smartphones has become popular for those age 65 and over

A recent study shows that the {elderly and technology} are coming together. What it reveals, is that “smartphone adoption among seniors has nearly quadrupled in the last five years. Four-in-ten seniors own smartphones”. Furthermore, the study noted that “social media use among older Americans steadily increases,” plus “roughly three-quarters of internet users ages 65 and up say they go online daily.” But we do not want to forget to mention that the study also says that “most seniors say they need help using new electronic devices.”

Engaging in activities with digital gadgets can stir curiosity and brain activity. In fact, it can help us stay up-to-date and in touch, be informed and connected with the world and younger generations, and cope with today’s lifestyles and trends.

How exactly do we describe technology–what do we mean by it?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes technology as follows: “The use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or to solve problems.” The study mentioned above focuses on the adoption of technology by the elderly, in particular addressing the most-used gadgets in the digital world, such as the following:

  • Internet
  • Smartphones, mobile devices
  • Tablets/E-readers
  • Social Media

Wi-Fi is the gateway to the Internet and provides accessibility in many ways—not only at home or in friends’ or family’s houses but in public places like restaurants, museums, shopping malls, and sports venues. Wi-Fi enables access to the Internet almost everywhere and at any time. Knowledge, information, and data travel with you wherever you go, anytime you need them.

How do the elderly interact with new technologies?

Many senior citizens still don’t use new technologies and don’t understand why they should start because they mostly do not know how to or what the actual benefits are. There are numerous obstacles. They might not know anyone who would have the time to explain how to use the technology, their grandchildren may live too far away, they don’t feel comfortable buying the product by themselves, they are worried they would not understand the gadgets, or they just are not ready to take that step to start using online resources.

At the same time, there seems to be an emerging trend involving the elderly and technology. Increasingly, a younger group of senior citizens is moving toward more digital activities. It enriches their lives in many ways. They have fun discovering new options and possibilities with which to interact with each other. It opens up a whole world of new opportunities, which makes them feel good.

However, technology adoption comes with a price tag and depends on the age group and level of education. Not all senior citizens can afford technology adoption: paying for an Internet provider, setting up Wi-Fi, shopping for a smartphone or tablet, and much more. Senior citizens might not have included these costs in their budget planning.

Caring companions are skilled at introducing support

We understand the need for support and instruction regarding the use of smartphones, the Internet, and tablets. Now, rather than forcing them to read endless pages of manuals and instructions, we give the elderly a hands-on introduction. Vitae Care encourages and supports senior citizens who would like to make use of new technologies in many ways:

  • Connecting with grandchildren through text messaging
  • Using Social Media
  • Online shopping
  • Connecting with friends and writing e-mails
  • Playing online games
  • Registering for an event
  • Seeking information or daily news from the Internet
  • Finding a partner on online platforms
  • Using smart apps
  • Charging batteries
  • Connecting with Wi-Fi
  • Using online education and training
  • Paying bills online

By continuously developing solutions for the elderly, Vita Care supports its clients grow and thrive in all their digital endeavors.