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Early detection of breast cancer is always important. With good health, a woman may have a long lifespan. However, after being diagnosed at an older age and in conjunction with potential comorbidity, the choice of treatment is essential

Breast cancer is a serious concern

As a woman ages, her risk for {breast cancer} increases. Unfortunately, women of older age with breast cancer have sometimes far worse outcomes than younger women. With age, the body becomes less able to repair damage, making a recovery from cancer treatment, such as radiation, intense and challenging. The older the woman, the more likely she is to die from breast cancer. This makes treatment choices very complex and creates a significant emotional strain on senior women and their families.

After a diagnosis—how to make individual choices

Choosing the right treatment needs to be done with care and profound emotional consideration. Physicians will look both at the patient’s life expectancy and whether cancer is the major illness to individualize a treatment plan with the patient and her family. It can be common for older women to have other medical conditions, which makes decisions regarding treatment even more difficult. The patient’s age, physical fitness level, and lifestyle are considered because elderly patients may have more difficulty than younger patients in recovering from treatment. If the patient is active, does not smoke, and can generally care for herself, she

There is, of course, a quality-of-life consideration with breast cancer treatments in older age. If doctors, family, and the patient believe that cancer treatment will do more harm to the patient’s life than cancer itself will, there is then good reason to tread lightly and avoid aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation. Geriatric oncology will have to adapt and evolve because more people are getting older, and more women will face cancer diagnoses in older age.

Providing dedicated care for breast cancer patients

At Vitae Care, we help patients of all types remain in their homes, and we improve their quality of life. From simple companionship to in-home care services, we strive to help older adults maintain comfort and peace of mind. When a woman is undergoing breast cancer treatment, she can be particularly weak, leading to difficulty with basic household chores, cleaning, and errands. Breast cancer treatment is also stressful and can be hard on the body.

Our excellent in-home care services can assist in making the process a little less difficult. Although we can’t make cancer disappear, we can be there for elderly patients who need a little help here and there and a kind friend.