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Senior Companion Services – Anxiety Grows with Age

Vitae Care Social Media Team – Saturday, May 20, 2017

As senior citizens age, anxiety can increase. Five different considerations to build up their trust.

The role of anxiety in the life of an elderly person

Generally speaking, most people pursue happiness, well-being, peace, and a good work–life balance. For older people who live independently in their homes and enjoy senior companion services, life starts to look a little bit different. One might expect that elderly have freedom and contentment, in addition to enormous amounts of patience and the knowledge of a lifetime. In reality, this is not the case for all senior citizens. Loneliness, illness or the beginning stages of dementia may create considerable anxiety and even depression as they see their life’s changing in unexpected ways. Older people are more anxious than when they were younger; the word “fearless” belongs primarily to youth.

Your parent’s signs of nervousness, worry, or dismay

Elderly people may experience anxiety even when there is no threat of danger. This is the result of various causes, including stress and health problems. Gradual loss of hearing, the onset of dementia, and loneliness can also make the elderly uneasy. Sometimes their worries concern their senior companion services. oriental bamboo pattern backgroundFor example, if the caring companion is running late for in-home services, that person might wonder, Will they come at all? Have they just forgotten me? The elderly person might check every minute to see whether the caregiver’s car has pulled into the driveway, or the person might sit at the window, desperately longing for the caregiver to show up. He or she will not find any comfort until someone walks in the door and says, “Hello, how are you today?”

Another example of a stressor is a broken main door that has not been fixed yet. The elderly person may wonder, when is the handyman coming? Where is my favorite blue sweater? When will my son be visiting me next time? I will have to prepare and go to the hairdresser.

We should not underestimate the power of anxious thoughts, even over trivial things; they can stir up substantial negative and fearful emotions. Most of the time, senior citizens describe physical complaints rather than discussing their feelings of anxiety. Yet this sad state of exasperation and discomfort at some point needs to be treated by a doctor.

Safe and sound with a caring companion

It is an established principle that caring companions must be good listeners; it is their job to find out what is going on in the heads of their clients. This process can be compared with measuring a person’s temperature—but in this case, it is the elder person’s emotional condition that is being measured. Here are five important considerations that will help to build trust and relationships with senior citizens:

  • Show up on time for caregiving, or notify your clients by phone about any delay.
  • Do what you say, and say what you do.
  • Be patient; listen carefully; and give the elderly person room to talk.
  • Know all of your clients’ habits.
  • Leave a note about the next appointment.

Perfectly balanced care will bring freedom and peace to the souls of the elderly through the trust developed between caring companion and client. Vitae Care is an excellent provider of in-home care services and is always striving to give each client the best possible care experience. Our caring companions are experienced and skilled in caregiving. We will do what is best for your loved ones and make them feel sound and safe at home by reassuring them that we care.

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Respite Care—the Ideal Solution to Bridge a Short-term Gap

Vitae Care Social Media Team – Tuesday, May 02, 2017

With summer approaching, in-home care services can step in to bridge a temporary gap for family caregivers who are looking for support and replacement.

Time is precious. Why do family caregivers need respite care?

Today, caring for a family member or loved one is common. Thousands in our state are providing care for family in one way or another, and the number is rising. Our elderly community is growing every day. Some family caregivers aim to give back what they received when they were younger. Others give care because they can save money. Whole families are willing to carry the additional burden of care and are making things work. Often it is a huge balancing act to accommodate a job, household, family activities, health management, and caregiving. Because they care about their family members and with their willingness to succeed, they do a tremendous job at the cost of their own energy. In-home care service is vital so caregivers can care for their own well-being. Time is precious.

Caring companions adopt care and fill in for you

Family caregiving should not be underestimated. It is a challenging job, and if you are in it for the long-haul, you need to maintain your own resources. Sometimes a break can be more than deserved. But who can you ask to step in and take over? Should you ask your friend or a neighbor for support, or is this too much to ask? How can you possibly handle a family vacation, holidays, or just a needed break? What do you do in an emergency when a family caregiver drops out because of an accident or another cause? It is a good idea for family caregivers to prepare ahead of time and have a plan.

Caring companions allow family caregivers to have a break

This is where respite care, an in-home care service, can step in. An experienced client liaison will carefully assess the situation and the care that is needed. Professional caring services are tailored and come in different packages and hours of support. Furthermore, the agency will be able to support you with advice about potentially finding insurance or another institution that will pay for the cost of in-home care. An essential part of the job of an in-home care agency is to assist families who have no one available and are in need of in-home care services for their maturing adults. Vitae Care will be able to step in to bridge the gap and take over with the experience, skills, and care you deserve.

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Aging: The Worldwide Elderly Community Is Growing Older

Vitae Care Social Media Team – Sunday, April 30, 2017

Aging is a global phenomenon challenging societies across the globe. By 2050, the number of elderly persons is projected to more than double.

You are in good company

Becoming a senior citizen—often is not the easiest part of life. However, here’s the good news: you are not alone. You’re retired from work; you have no more official tasks to perform—that’s a transition which may be difficult. A colleague takes over, your expertise is not of interest anymore, and the younger generation starts building its own expertise. Nevertheless, as a senior citizen, you have the chance to start again, find new directions in life, and take up interesting hobbies that keep your body and mind busy. Naturally, when growing older, the body eventually becomes more vulnerable. You will need more time to rest, recuperation will take longer, and you might experience little aches and pains now and then.

Freshmen in the elderly community

You are a part of the elderly generation now but you are the freshman, you are only a little over 60 years old. Isn’t this appealing? artwork-sketch crowd with colorful background What exactly defines the age at which you join the elderly community? Is there a certain number that prescribes it? The answer to this question is no; there are no boundaries. Everything is flexible in this advanced stage of life. That the elderly community is expanding in a big way is a proven fact. With a healthy lifestyle, well-being, and a good health care system, longevity is rising, and more and more citizens are entering the elderly community. This section of our society has earned respect and has become a voice to be heard. This is a new development, a movement that clearly has to be taken into consideration by society and governments when planning for the future.

A declared trend: Independent living at home

The population is growing older, a development documented by facts and figures. A recent report from the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs states that “the percentage of the global population aged 60 years or over increased from 8.5 percent in 1980 to 12.3 percent in 2015 and is projected to rise further to 21.5 percent in 2050. By 2050, the projected 434 million people aged 80 or over will account for 21 percent of the global population over age 60.” The Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing states that “it recognizes population aging—the shift towards a larger proportion of older persons in the population—as an important global trend.” Our society will have to recognize this trend in creating and preparing an environment with appropriate infrastructure to help, support, and take care of the needs of the growing senior-citizen community. This is a real challenge for future generations and a global issue. Some elderly persons are already in need of support, whereas others are not there yet; it all depends on their health and well-being. What almost all senior citizens have in common, however, is that they want to keep their independence at home and enjoy a happy and healthy life as long as possible.

The movement: Giving the elderly a voice

This section of the population deserves privacy, freedom, dignity, and respect. Granting them these rights involves not only caring for older persons but also continuously working to develop solutions for their well-being and good health. The elderly have a right to their own voices; they deserve to be recognized as a generation with specific needs and to be sustainably integrated into society as a whole.

Vitae Care provides caring services and is by your side every step of the way. We will regularly talk and write about the Vitae Care Movement, providing a voice for the elderly and in-home care solutions. Please stay tuned for new insights about financial perspectives, housing options, in-home health care services, and social impacts of aging such as growing isolation and loneliness.

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Senior Companion Care—The Spring Season Brings New Beginnings

Vitae Care Social Media Team – Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spirits are high and it’s time to start new things, an enjoyable season. In-home care services embrace these vibrations and help with all your endeavors.

Beautiful blossoming of flowers and trees

Who doesn’t know how spring feels? Everyone loves the season of new beginnings, with the awakening of nature and how lovely it is. Finally, spring has sprung. Temperatures are warming up, a light breeze is in the air, and the smell of the first flowers is everywhere. illustration-butterfliesBirds are shimmering and butterflies are floating; how wonderful, take a deep breath and feel bright and light: life is beautiful. Especially for the elderly who enjoy senior companion care, it is a gorgeous feeling to go outside with no winter coat. Feel the warmth of the sun on the face, and discover the first flowers coming out of the soil. It’s the season for embracing activities, and eventually, getting a whole new start. You might fall in love, or decide to lose the weight on your hips that somehow piled up during winter, or just enjoy the lighthearted feeling of ease. You see people riding a bicycle, skating on rollerblades, or out for a stroll; it’s the call to get out of the house almost like newly discovering the world. Spirits are high, and people are all smiles. Eventually, you are wearing a brand-new outfit, and you feel gorgeous and free. With an official start date of March 20, every year spring creates a wonderful momentum that lifts spirits and inspiration for the year to come.

Getting winter behind you gets more important when you are elderly

Why is this such an important moment for many elderly or sick people? Why do they long for spring? Because of the cold season, the elderly and sick are mostly forced to stay in the comfort of their homes. They are stuck and lose temporary mobility and independence. It is not just because of the chilly temperatures outside; seniors do not want to fall on ice or snow and end up in the emergency room with a broken leg. Forced to stay home, social contacts weaken. What remains is the telephone or other media to connect with people and, of course, senior companion care. Winter is the season to hide away in a cozy home and not come out until spring has finally arrived; it also makes senior citizens more vulnerable with the advent of the flu.

Spring has sprung

Senior citizens long for spring. They might sigh and say after all, “Just survived another winter.” The more enjoyable season, spring brings many new opportunities, and it is simply easier to leave the house. The benefit of Vitae Care companions is, they will transport you to the hairdresser for a long-needed haircut, help you decorating your yard with a few spring flowers, support you to clean the closet and bring out lighter clothes or follow you on a short walk in the neighborhood. Even nutrition is changing, as seasonal vegetables and fruits bring back wonderful colors and greenery to plates. When spirits are high, it’s time to start new things, be happy and let Vitae Care give you the support you need.

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Why senior transportation services are an essential part of seniors’ quality of life

Vitae Care Social Media Team – Sunday, March 19, 2017

Because some senior citizens are no longer capable of driving, public transportation options are few - mobility in everyday life is being affected

Growing older often means limited freedom and mobility

Most senior citizens are trying to maintain their independence by continuing to drive, not recognizing that their capabilities have changed and that, as a result, may put themselves and others in danger. They may be reluctant to admit it, but declining vision, restricted physical mobility, and even doctors’ orders are undeniable facts that may necessitate putting a stop to driving. But how will they get out of the house to pursue their usual activities?

The high demand for senior transportation services

It is a challenging undertaking to find the right, trustworthy transportation resources. Elder Locator has published a data report stating that “the greatest interest or demand of support is for senior transportation services for the elderly, followed by home and community-based services”. Senior citizens who no longer drive engage in fewer activities and have fewer social contacts; they need to find support as a replacement for driving their own car.

Vitae Care is prepared to step in by offering a wide variety of care services for enhanced mobility and transportation

With the help of skilled, trusted, and caring companions, most seniors can once again engage in their favorite activities. Our caregivers will patiently drive seniors so they can grocery shop, run errands, illustration boat on a lakevisit the library, attend church services, visit the hairdresser, and enjoy many similar activities. Our caring companions also accompany senior citizens to medical appointments, non-urgent routine checks, dialysis, chemotherapy, radiation, or any other type of therapy. Additionally, our services enable seniors to have social contacts again, including outings with friends, lunch appointments, or rounds of bridge. Such mobility is vital in maintaining a high quality of life. Vitae Care will listen carefully and tailor their services to the senior’s specific needs to enhance each individual’s well-being.

The real advantages of home agency services

The greatness of these services is obvious and will bring a welcome change to seniors’ everyday routines by nourishing their curiosity. Our services will provide a significant new gateway to the world. Seniors may wonder, “Are there any changes in my neighborhood or hometown? Is there a new bakery in town? What might the doctor say to me? Will he notice that I am in good shape and spirits and pay me a compliment?” Transportation services will reduce isolation, loneliness, and depression while they speed up recovery, create new memories, and generate energy and positive attitudes.

Vitae Care will provide a dedicated caring companion with a valid driver’s license who will deliver enhanced value and flexibility to serve seniors who will enjoy having contacts and activities outside their homes. It’s a splendid service that engages them.

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In home health care—Welcome this well-deserved service in your home

Vitae Care Social Media Team – Sunday, March 19, 2017

Many senior citizens refuse to accept support. They are reluctant and have a variety of concerns because they do not see the benefits of dignity, quality of life, and well-being finding their way back into their lives.

The difference between family caregiving and professional in-home care

The senior citizen population in the United States is on the rise, a rapidly growing community. Although some elderly individuals may perfectly manage their everyday routine, others might need the care and support of in home health care. What almost all seniors have in common is that they would prefer to stay in their homes rather than move into an assisted living community or nursing home. A guide for family caregivers from Johns Hopkins Medicine states, “Four of ten Americans are actually caregivers and that caregiving brings huge improvements in the quality of life and health of a loved one”, there is no doubt about it. Still, family members, friends, or even neighbors are often struggling with the intense schedule and demands of giving care. Successfully managing their own lives, jobs, and family activities—while also providing caregiving at the same time—is a major undertaking that no one should underestimate. To give care is beneficial and wonderful for individuals in need, yet family caregivers should not forget to take care of their own health, well-being, and needs so they do not end up burned out. This is why we see an increasing demand of in home health care. Vitae Care is a resource stepping in and giving distinguished, affordable, and professional care to loved ones to unburden family caregivers. Services are tailored to individualized needs, like specific respite care, and may be on a temporary basis only or even long term. Accepting professional support is a good decision and a smart solution that is beneficial for everyone involved.

Accepting support enables the elderly to continuously stay in their own home

These are all clear and understandable facts, but we must question why older persons are refusing to accept the support they deserve. Why do they refuse to acknowledge that it is okay to accept care and help? illustration-birdsThe answers are not simple, but they are understandable. Senior citizens want to keep up their independence. They are not used to having an aide in their own home, and they are most certainly not feeling old and in need of help. Seniors insist on remaining in their own homes, but sometimes they have a hard time confessing or communicating that they are having difficulties with their daily routines. Some of them might be worried and have financial concerns, so they are convinced that they cannot afford the services of in-home care. Somehow senior citizens don’t see the clear benefit that accepting services of an agency will, in fact, enable them to stay healthy and happy in their own homes for a longer period of time.

Convincing and guiding your loved one

How do you convince your loved one to accept this well-deserved support? It might be a multistep process that can be tricky at times, and it involves communication with the client in need, the personal caregiver or companion, and the person who initiates or suggests initiating in-home care for their loved ones. Vitae Care has the necessary skills and experience and is capable of building up a relationship of trust and collaboration one step at a time. Elderly people have usually experienced a change in time management because things have been slowing down over the years. Decisions shouldn’t be rushed because their adaptability to change is low, and routines cannot be broken easily or at all. Showing respect and honor to these circumstances is essential.

Communication and creativity are the magic words that come into play here. As a son, daughter, or relative, you should be part of the process to find and get to know the caring companion of your loved one. You can share your feelings and perceptions with the elderly in need, and it might be a lot easier for them to accept the caring companion if you show your own acceptance of the aide too. A second opinion might matter and help wash away concerns. You should talk about the benefits of good care and how it could improve your own life because it would take a load off your shoulders to know that there is someone who is caring for your loved one. Talk to your elderly family member in need and explain the benefits of a healthy cooked meal, good housekeeping, and proper personal care by someone who has the time and takes care of things. If you follow this path with your elders and involve them in the selection process, let them be comfortable and part of the decision. You will be able to make the right decision together, as well as find the right in-home care and a wonderful, supportive companion for the older person.

The benefits of well-being in your own home

Once the aging individual is about to feel the dignity and comfort of being in good hands with in-home care, he or she will realize and enjoy this new attachment. Embracing trust and confidence, regaining quality of life, and reestablishing comfort in the privacy of one’s own home improves well-being. Vitae Care will tailor a wonderful program and show you how affordable and beneficial a professional caring companion can be. Professional caregiving is the key for an independent, happy healthy, and safe life at home while aging.

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Caring Services—How you can find simple ways to spoil your elderly parent, even long-distance

Vitae Care Social Media Team – Sunday, March 19, 2017

You can spoil your loved one with a little something even if they live far away—send a sign, show the person being cared for that you are thinking of them and brighten their day.

Living closely and connected in different phases of life

Growing older is a process no one can escape, but for many, the transition isn’t easy. As a senior citizen, you’ll struggle with different issues in your everyday life, such as learning to embrace caring services and support in your home.

As a son, daughter, relative, or friend of a senior, you are in another phase of life in which things are more hectic. You are coping with the challenges of your career, family matters, and your personal well-being. As you watch your elderly parent aging, you might be unable to provide appropriate care by yourself; thankfully, professional in-home care is available. Even though you may be far away, you will not feel disconnected. You are family, and you care.

Living life at your own pace

As a senior citizen, you transition to a lifestyle that is more subdued than in your younger years. Your body lacks the energy you used to have, so you engage in activities at your own pace. You might be missing your spouse who passed away; your home may seem empty and quiet. But with the excellent services and support of a caring companion, you can age happily, healthily, and with dignity in your own home.

As a daughter, son, or close relative, you will be in the midst of your busy, daily grind. Someday, you will probably look back and say, “Where did the time go? All of a sudden, my loved one has aged and is in need of help.” Then you will be grateful to find resources for the care of your elderly loved one, resources that will provide you with support and peace of mind.

Making use of the digital world

Online shopping has become an important part of our lives. It is easily accessible 24/7 and offers deliveries anytime at anyplace. Spoil your loved one by browsing the World Wide Web and enjoying shopping any time of the day or night.

Here are some ideas to help seniors enjoy each season:

  • Spring – is an opportunity for beautiful flower arrangements and fruit baskets to inspire and encourage seniors to embrace the awakening of nature.
  • Summer – is a great time for a fashionable hat or an updated picture of the family for the coffee table.
  • Fall – is when days get cooler, so consider a beautiful silk scarf, wrist warmers, and hand and nail treatment creams.
  • Winter – is the time to cope with cold days with tea bags, soaps, a cozy blanket, or favorite movies or music.

The best time to act is always now

As Frank Sinatra sings in his renowned song “My Way,” you will find your own way to pamper and indulge your loved one with a little something at a suitable moment. Always remember the impact your care has on an elderly loved one. The delivery of a package is a moment that may enrich their day by breaking their routine. The priceless feeling of curiosity is sweet when a senior opens a gift, and your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated.

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